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July 13th 2011
Another blast from the past, here's Tony on The Shambles from what appears to be 2006. The Nickelback references appear to date it as such :) Tony Martin Reports Newsbreak.

Tony Martin Reports Newsbreak - 2006 The Shambles

July 11th 2011
Here's a couple of links for the day.
The first is Tony on Justin Hamilton's podcast 'Can You Take This Photo Please'. If you like it, be sure to check out the rest of his catalog.
The second is a university project, very nice dedication to Richard Marsland, created by dshban from Champagne Comedy. Thanks for giving pure humbug permission to publish it, dshban.

Tony on Justin Hamilton's 'Can you take this photo please' podcast.
Dshban's Richard Marsland dedication.

July 4th 2011
Back from 2009, Tony Martin on Channel 31 The Shambles. Thanks to Edward Clarke for pointing me to this one.

Mp4 and FLV versions, zipped, as my host is no longer serviing mp4 or flv without charging me more. Why? Ask them.

May 8th 2011
Join everyones favourite 2nd Unit Director Duncan Jardine in Radio Nationals Lonley Hearts Club as they discuss Love, Loss, Laments, and Ladies. (thanks to Lord Waftingham for uploading)

Lonley Hearts Club Full Episodes

May 6th 2011
PureHumbug is back in business, and we're going to start by catching up on what we've missed in the last 5 months.

First up Tony Talking about AQWW, his recent, and Future career on the Crikey Podcast.
Tony on the Crikey Podcast - April

Here's the extended version of a great Tony interview on Paul Murray's show on 2UE. Paul's Clearly a big fan and we hear a lot of interesting Get This and Late Show tidbits.
Tony on Paul Murray's 2UE Drive show 29/04/2011 - Extended Version

Tony makes his debut on UK Radio talking Howards Way and Get This (Thanks to Bean is a Carrot)
Tony on BBC Radio with Christian O'Connell 26/02/2011

Tony on JJJ Drive with the Doctor Talking Bargearse, AQWW and all things VHS (Thanks to Baudrillard for editing)
Tony on JJJ Drive 15/02/2011

Tony on Nova100 with Hughesey, Kate, and Ed Talking Berlusconi and AQWW (Thanks to Baudrillard)
Tony on Nova's Hughesey, Kate, and Ed 28/03/2011

Tony on Co Hosting The Conversation Hour, Hosted by Jon Faine, featuring Mark Watson and Celtic Thunder.
Tony Co Hosting The Conversation Hour on ABC 774 - 1/04/2011

More AQWW talk as Tony appears on RRR's Breakfasters (Thanks to Baudrillard for the podcast and BMaln for the editing)
Tony on RRR's Breakfasters 6/04/2011

Still More AQWW talk as Tony appears on Hamish and Andy, with Birds of a Feather talk and Jazz Chat (Thanks to BlastFM)
Tony on Hamish and Andy 1/04/2011

Tony talks AQWW with Carole Whitelock, his favourite posh sounding announcer on ABC Adelaide 891.(Thanks to Ontos)
Tony on ABC Adelaide with Carole Whitelock 31/03/2011

Tony appearing on Ten's The Circle to promote AQWW, with some interesting talk abou Radio as well. (thanks to Ontos)

Tony's Segment from In Gordon St Tonight where he talks about AQWW amongst other things.

Some Missing Interviews from Last Year
Tony on Gold FMs Grubby and Dee Dee talking AQWW (Thanks to IFMON)
Tony on Grubby and Dee Dee 9/11/2010

Once again Tony pops up as the Co Host on John Faine's Conversation Hour, discussing his TV exploits. Featuring Anthony Warlow, and Gareth Edwards.
Tony Co Hosting ABC 774s The Conversation Hour 9/11/2010

Continuing the publicity Blitz for AQWW last year, Tony shows up on Nova drive and starts off all with things canine. (Thanks to BlastFM)
Tony on Ryan, Monty, and Wippa Nova Drive 9/11/2010

Dec 15th 2010
More of The Two Tones! On RRR, the party show, from the 5th of December. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, though I'm told it's a cracker. Enjoy. Thanks to Ozzmosis and Kabigon from CC for their rips (though the supplied one is Kabigon's)

Two Tones, RRR, 5th-Dec-2010

Oct 15th 2010
The Two Tones are back! On RRR. A pure humbug exclusive capping. Yes, I actually did some work for the first time in a while. That's what happens when Shit Scared goes on holiday. Enjoy
Two Tones, RRR, 15th-Oct-2010

Oct 1st 2010
And Tony on the Conversation Hour in Queensland with Richard Fidler
Tony on QLD Conversation Hour, 27-Sep-2010

Sep 30th 2010
A Quiet Word
Here is the audio and video from Tony's A Quiet Word with ... Bill Bailey. Further episodes should also be available from these pages.

Sep 28th 2010
Looks like Tony is on a bit of a media run today to promote "A Quiet Word With ..."
Tony On 702 Drive with James Valentine ...
Tony with James Valentine, ABC 702, 27-Sep-2010
... and Tony on 4JJJ this morning ...
Tony on 4JJJ, 28-Sep-2010
... on NOVA 100 with Hughesy, Kate and Ed ...
Tony on Nova 100 with Hughesy, Kate and Ed, 28-Sep-2010
... and Tony as guest host on Conversation Hour with John Faine
Tony on ABC 774, Conversation Hour, 28-Sep-2010 (and Tony's jacket on the webcam from this show)

Dizzy Stuff indeed. According to menangers from Champagne Comedy, the jacket was a gift from Ed Kavalee.
Need I mention, many thanks, again, to Shit Scared from ChampagneComedy? Of course I do, it's just getting a bit repeditive:) I have to stop being so slack and start capping again myself. Enjoy.

Sep 16th 2010
The Two Tones on RRR, hosting Max Headroom.
After a radio hiatus of about 6 months, the chaps are back again, as nerdy as usual, and just in time for my birthday (well, a day early, at least). Many thanks, again, to Shit Scared from ChampagneComedy. Enjoy.
The Two Tones, RRR, 16-Sep-2010

Jun 19th 2010
Tony on Spicks and Specks 16/6/2010.
I actually totally missed this one, myself, probably due to the World Cup Fever (the show and the phenomeneon), so many thanks go to baudrillard from Champagne Comedy.
Tony on Spicks and Specks, 16 June 2010

Jun 16th 2010
After much phaffing about, the Santo Sam and Ed's World Cup page is now available. I'll try to get each night's episode up by the following midday, but bare with any delays please. Thanks to Logifuse and Baudrillard for their advice and capping assistance.

Jun 3rd 2010
1st update in over 2 months, and no Tony :/ Anyway, here is Snato Garo on the Conversation Hour talking about Cup Fever, the World Cup Show on SBS with himself, Ed and Sam Pang.

Snatto on the Conversation Hour - Cup Fever - 3rd June 2010

March 25th 2010
Tony on Spicks and Specks, 24th March 2010
Thanks to Mud from Champagne Comedy for this one.

March 21st 2010
Thanks again to AnotherMelbournite (@Captainsuburbia) for capturing this, I tend to miss the weekend ones, so I really appreciate his vigilance :)

Here is Tony and Sam Pang on 3AW again.

This recording claims the dubious distinction of the first purehumbug recording capped, uploaded, advertised, and linked to by the Scrivener himself before I even knew that he was on radio.
Tony and Sam Pang, 21 Mar, 2010

March 14th 2010
Thanks to AnotherMelbournite (@Captainsuburbia) for snaffling this, and Sniv Whettuce who will feel left out if I don't mention him ;p

Here is Tony and Sam Pang on 3AW, dissecting Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire'.
Tony and Sam Pang, 14 Mar, 2010

February 26th 2010
Thanks to ShitScared for this recording of Tony with Hamish and Andy, reliving the Oceans 4, 5 or maybe 6 debarkle.
Tony with Hamish and Andy, 26 Feb, 2010

February 22nd 2010
Thanks to sowens, Bean Is A Carrot and onerightupthebracket from ChampagneComedy for the following recordings from 2UE and 3AW last year.
  • Tony on 2UE, with John and Sandy, 30 Sep 2010
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    Tony on 3AW Nightline Part 1, 6 Oct 2010
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    Tony on 3AW Nightline Part 2, 6 Oct 2010
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    Tony on 3AW Nightline Part 3, 6 Oct 2010

  • February 18th 2010
    Thanks a bundle to Mark Lymbers who emailed me this spot with Clive Robertson on 2UE.
    It is a wonderfully candid piece on Radio, Comedy, Get This, Writing, MMM and Guy Dobson.
    I'm not sure about exact dates, he does mention it was 2 years and there months since Get This, so it is fairly recent, but, trust me, it doesn't matter.
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    Tony on 2UE, with Clive Robertson, Date Unknown, 2010

  • February 17th 2010
    Tony on Hobart ABC963 - With Michael Veitch, talking Monty Python and bananas
    Thanks to AnotherMelbournite from CC (aka @Captainsuburbia on twitter) for capturing this one, and Logifuse for SMSing about the bananas.
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  • February 10th 2010
    Tony on Nova - Ryan, Monty and Wippa
    Thanks to AnotherMelbournite from CC (aka @Captainsuburbia on twitter) for capturing this one, I was quite busy yesterday and totally missed it.
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     Tony on 'Ryan, Monty and Wippa' 10th February, 2010

  • @danielgonline also tweeted me these links for those wanting different formats - (links to mediafire) Thanks again, to both Captain Suburbaia and Daniel.

    January 29th 2010
    Tony and Ed on The 7PM project
    A great appearance by Tony, and of course Ed Kavalee on the 7PM project. Many thanks to all involved in getting these available to the public, ShitScared, snattogauro and, of course, the 7PM project themselves for the extended version of Tony and Ed.

    January 25th 2010
    Tony on The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine and Geoffrey Rush
    I have decided to supply lo and hi quality version, where available, to help those with lower bandwidth.
    Thanks Logifuse for the LoFi (19MB) version, and Shit Scared for the HiFi (50MB)
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     Tony on the Conversation Hour, 25th Jan 2010, Studio Quality 50MB
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     Tony on the Conversation Hour, 25th Jan 2010, Internet Stream 19MB

  • January 12th 2010
    Two Tones
    The last stand in for Banana Lounge Broadcasting, probably the best of the three

    Unfortunately, 3RRR appeared to have audio problems for the first hour, either partly, or fully losing the left channel, so I have mixed the first hour to mono, so the levels do fluctuate a touch. The 2nd hour stands as it was on the stream.

    Update As it turns out the audio panning issues was only on the internet stream, the on-air audio quality was not affected, so ShitScared has kindly passed to me his rip from the loggers. The url remains the same, the audio quality, however, is much improved. Thanks SS.

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     Two Tones on RRR, 12th Jan 2010

  • January 5 2010
    Two Tones
    Actually managed not to stuff this one up, I'm happy to say :)

    As it turned out, after last week's fiasco, we now have a plethora of recordings to chose from. I present you with Logifuse's, largely as it will be ready a good 10 minutes before mine :) Here it is, the 2nd of 3 stand ins by the Two Tones for Banana Lounge Broadcasting.

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     Two Tones on RRR, 5th Jan 2010

  • December 29 2009
    Two Tones
    Technical problems plague, I'm afraid, as Streamripper decides to stream 112MB of RRR stream to a null pointer.

    Update: A rather large bucket of thanks to Logifuse for getting hour one of the show and Jasmus for picking up the last hour, and Logifuse for getting them All Together Now! (sorry, pun dubiously intended)

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     Two Tones on RRR, 29nd Dec 2009

  • December 22 2009
    Gary Sizzle on the Air
    A small piece with Gary Sizzle promoting the Two Tones over the next 3 tuesdays.

    Thanks, again, go to ShitScared.

    If you listened to the Media Week podcast with Guy Dobson, then you may pick up a few cools jabs at, erm, tributes to, the man.

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     Gary Sizzle on RRR, 22nd Dec 2009

  • December 20 2009
    Thanks to Snatto Gauro from Champagne Comedy, here is Tony (and Greg Sitch) on Headley Gritter's 'Party Show' on 3RRR, just in case you weren't listening from midnight to 2am. To quote Tony 'Expect incoherent rambling and spilled drinks'. 3RRR is a great vehicle for Tony, pity he doesn't have a regular gig. A great listen.
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     Party Show on RRR, 20th Dec 2009

  • December 09 2009
    Richard Marsland's Sunday Mail articles
    It was great to see so many tributes for Richard on Sunday, it was very moving.

    Many thanks to shaw0090 from ChampagneComedy for these, Richard's articles in the Sunday Mail, comprehensively collated by shaw0090.

    He has copied and pasted them into a .doc document, which should be readable by most. If you are not able to open .doc files, try using Microsoft's Word Viewer (PC only).

    If anyone has real trouble opening it, and wants me to publish it on purehumbug, please let me know.

    Richard's Sunday Mail Articles

    December 06 2009
    Richard Marsland
    I have rewritten this a couple of times.

    I never met Richard, so it feels largely disingenuous to wax lyrical about what a lovely guy he was, how everyone he worked with had nothing bad to say about him or what a loss his suicide was to me personally.

    The facts are, I only knew Richard through Get This. I felt a certain alignment with him, as I used to be a panel operator for longer than I care to admit, and we have a very similar voices (and we're both Virgos), but I have to admit, Richard was better looking than me, and he had a sharper sense of humour. He made me laugh, and it still chills me to hear him on Get This saying things like 'I think I will have children'.

    Suicide and depression, unfortunately, is not foreign to my life, so I do understand the confusion and sorrow that his family and loved ones must be experiencing today. His death shocked me especially as, like countless others, I didn't see coming a mile off.

    If Richard has touched you in any way, please contribute to Beyond Blue and hope that your donation will go some way in preventing another rising talent lose hope in their moment of despair.

    Although it is hardly a pure humbug exclusive, here, first is Richard's open letter to all Get This fans, and, of course Tony and Ed's memorial podcast.

    RIP Richard Marsland. Rest assured, you are remembered.
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  • December 04 2009
    Here's Tony appearing on 3RRR this morning to give an 'understated' farewell Sam Pang.

    I really enjoyed this one, it's well worth the listen, though I'm sorry, I did clip the end of the 2nd last segment, I missed the line 'We need to make some money' (i.e. play some ads).
    If that ruins your listening pleasure, I'm sure logifuse or Shit Scared will supply you with the missing second.

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     Two Tones on RRR, 4th Dec 2009

  • Twitter
    Pure Humbug updates shall now be broadcast on twitter (http://twitter.com/purehumbug).

    Thanks, also, to everyone who pointed out that Tony thanked purehumbug (indirectly) and linked to purehumbug (directly) via his Twitter account scrivenersfancy. I am happy that he approves, and I have to give the obligatory "How Good Is This!".

    December 01 2009
    Thanks again to Logifuse for this recording. The Two Tones back on RRR, sitting in for Dave Graney and Elizabeth McCarthey. They'll also be back from Dec 29th for three weeks over summer. Good news. Thanks also are due to surelypaul for spotting this originally in the RRR Programming.

    A wonderful editorial by Tony at the outset, I must say.
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     Two Tones on RRR, 1st Dec 2009

  • November 24 2009
    Okay Okay
    I admit I was a day late in posting the rememberance post. I blame the scallop industry. I promise not to be so slack on December 6th :(

    November 23 2009
    In Rememberance
    2 Minutes silence please.

    November 21 2009
    Thanks again to Shit Scared for spotting and recording this. A small cameo by Tony on Hamish and Andy, urging them to retire. A (joking I'm sure) reference to him and Ed talking to 2DAY FM management.
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     Tony on Hamish and Andy, 21st Nov 2009

  • November 18 2009
    Ring Tones
    Just a quick heads up, I've added 2 new
    ring tones. The first is a Venga Bus medely (Richard, Ed, John Howard, The world's oldest recording (Persons of Interest) ) created by Ludicrousity from Champagne Comedy (aka Megan), the second is the Ed Kavalee theme (as requested by HowCome? from GetThis Wiki).

    November 17 2009
    Channel 31
    Thanks to baudrillard for spotting this one. Tony features at the end of this piece, a small part, but his character (Warren Perso) should be familiar to Late Show viewers.
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     Warren Perso on Channel 31, Bazura Report, 17th Nov 2009

  • November 11 2009
    Thanks again to the logifuse for this one. Tony on the Conversation Hour today with Ray Martin (I can't help, I have to mention it : Tony 'Ray' Martin- there, out of my system)
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     Tony on The Conversation Hour 11th Nov 2009

  • October 19 2009
    A Community Service Announcement

    I was recently contacted by the owner of a new Get This site JumperPants.info, the least official guide to Get This, where he plans to have all episodes of Get This transcribed! One benefit of this project will help tackle all those forum questions 'what episode of Get This featured ...'

    This is something I had planned to do sooner or later myself, if not fully transcribing all shows, to at least bullet point them when I finally get around to offering show streaming (I really must get around to that :/), however realised that the garganutuan (or was that elaphantile) nature of the task was probably outside of my abilities (not having a mixture of OCD, Aspergers and an unlimited amount of time on my hands).

    Jumperpants.info has nicely tackled this issue, alleviating the RSI risk for a single individual, and sharing the load.

    So, fellow Get This fans, I ask you to give an hour of your time, choose an undocumented epsiode, and start transcribing.

    Once you have chosen your episode, navigate to the page (the standard appears to be http://jumperpants.info/wiki/Episode_YY-## (e.g. http://jumperpants.info/wiki/Episode_07-74), where you will see an 'Uncreated Page' template. From there, click 'Create' and off you go.

    As I am not the owner of this site, I will not try to assume too much of his wishes, but, even though this is Get This and jumperpants is a Wiki, please resist the temptation to grafitti :)

    Your time is not tax- deductible :)

    October 16 2009
    Thanks again to the Champagne Comedians logifuse for recording this, and deanoss for spotting it on the RRR schedule.

    October 14 2009
    A small video of the Oceans 4 5 or 6 promotion on Hamish and Andy. Not particularly comprehensive, but does show Tony calling Mother Therasa a cow :)
    Credit this time goes to BMaln, snatto gauro and the prolific ShitScared, all from ChampagneComedy.

    October 12 2009
    Thanks to anothermelbournite for the Alan Brough appearance, and logifuse for the James O'Loughlin one
    7PM Project
    Also, yehthatwouldbeme (ChampagneComedy) has posted Tony on 7PM Project 9th Oct 2009.

    October 10 2009
    Tony on Oceans 4, 5 or maybe 6 (Hamish and Andy), 9th Oct 2009
    Tony helps out Hamish, Andy, Julia Zamiro, Matt Preston, Shane Warne and Math Wizz Rob (Paul Keating absent) trying to crack a 'Who Wants To Be A Millionare' Triva machine

    October 8 2009
    Tony on 9am
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       Download the Mov version or Mp4 version
      If anyone wants an avi version, let me know, it's a fairly simple process, otherwise I'll just let the mov and mp4 cover it.

    October 7 2009
    Radio (thanks ShitScared)
    You're the Top - Dean Elliot
    I found this gem whilst listening to a classic Jazz channel on (I think) Shoutcast radio. You'll recognise it instantly (though, unfortunately, due to cross fades, the top and tail are a bit obscured)

    Sampling (analogue obviously) well before it became popular!

    From Wikipedia :

    In 1962 Elliott released an LP on Capitol Records entitled Zounds! What Sounds!, ... The LP header read "Music and Sound Effects in a Stereo Spectacular!" and the subtitle captured the basic goals, sound, and feel of the album well: A Sonic Spectacular Presenting MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! With these special Percussion Effects! Cement Mixer, Air Compressor, Punching Bag, Hand Saw, Thunderstorm, Raindrops, Celery Stalks (the crunchiest), 1001 Clocks, Bowling Pins and Many Many More!!

    I also found another Get This theme track original a month or so ago, but, until I'm sure I've lost it, I won't give it away yet.

    October 6 2009
    Tony back on the Conversation Hour today. Enjoy :) (Thanks to logifuse from Champagne Comedy)
    Ring Tones
    Thanks a bundle to Ludicrousity (aka Megan), from Champagne Comedy, for converting these to iPhone. There are also the original mp3 ones, for those luddites, such as myself, who do not own an iPhone.
    How good is this!
    These are available as .movs below, however for those that like .avis instead, ShitScared passed me these for the site. Thanks SS.

    October 2 2009
    Never thought I'd be posting Kerry Anne clips, but here we go:

    Previous to that ...
    ABC 702
    ABC 774 (Thanks anothermelbournite from Champagne Comedy for Two Tones recordings)
    Triple J
    The Conversation Hour
    Nova (Thanks to ShitScared from Champagne Comedy)
    7PM Project From 21st August 2009
    Other Video
    Other stuff ...
    Meat Pie